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Blockchain & The Space Economy – Understanding the 5th Industrial Revolution

What is the Space Economy and why is it valued at over $485B dollars today and headed to $4 Trillion by the 2030s? More importantly, what does Blockchain have to do with Space and the 5th Industrial revolution?

Join UNH Law and Columbia University professors George Pullen and Samson Williams as they break down the intersection of the Space Economy, decentralized tech and why the 4th Industrial Revolution is old news. A few spoiler alerts from Samson and George:

Earth is a starship and the tech we develop for terraforming Mars and other plants we’ll beta test right here on the USS Earth to solve Global Warming and Climate Change.

– There is no paper in Space. It weighs too much. So what do you use to communicate, collect data and manage money when you don’t use paper? Two words: Block Chain

– The Space Economy will make the Internet Economy look like a poorly run startup.

See you in orbit and bring your hard questions!


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