Memphis coders win big at WyoHackathon

The WyoHackathon was a highly anticipated hackathon where participants were tasked with building a fully functional blockchain-related product in one weekend. More than 300 software developers from all over the world formed 30 teams to compete for a number of prizes. Wyoming has been incredibly innovative in the past year regarding blockchain technology, and their state government has led the way in proactive forward-thinking blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation, hence the anticipation from blockchain enthusiasts for this hackathon.

A team of Memphis developers from the Memphis-based blockchain development firm web3devs made the trek to the Cowboy State to participate. Aaron Anderson, David Bruno, Scott Finney, and Sam Steele created the Electronic Corporate Formation Portal to help blockchain businesses legally incorporate in the state of Wyoming and to help those companies comply with the new regulations Wyoming has enacted — and they did it in less than 48 hours.

The product they created was a hit, winning four awards, including the final “Best for Wyoming” award, and receiving prizes totaling $40,000. The judges included all 3 gubernatorial candidates in Wyoming as well as tech leaders in the Wyoming community and blockchain experts from around the country including Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys.

David Bruno has been a very active member of Blockchain901. He started attending Meetups earlier this year and learned how to code through the Hack Nights Blockchain901 hosts monthly. He went from never having written a line of code in his life to working as an intern for web3devs to being hired full time as a junior developer to web3devs in less than a year. He said: “Thanks to Blockchain901 I was given the opportunity to grow my skills in this industry which greatly contributed to us being successful at the Wyoming Hackathon”.

Aaron Anderson is a Memphis transplant from North Carolina. After graduating from the Iron Yard (one of the top software development bootcamps in the country), he moved to Memphis to start his career as a software developer. After Googling for other blockchain enthusiasts in Memphis, he stumbled upon Blockchain901 and started plugging into the existing community. He then became a founding partner of the web3devs blockchain development firm with several other Blockchain901 members (including Scott Finney) and is still active in the Blockchain901 community, primarily giving back to the community by mentoring younger developers-to-be and advocating for the organization at other events.

Blockchain901 is a non-profit organization focused on promoting Memphis as a blockchain and emerging technology hub. We are enthusiasts, business professionals and academics providing support, education and facilitating collaboration around the globe.

The WyoHackathon was the perfect opportunity to show off the growing community of blockchain enthusiasts we have right here in Memphis. People watched the WyoHackathon from around the world and saw a group of Memphis developers perform and win at the highest level. This team was brought together by plugging into the Memphis community Blockchain901 has facilitated. We have many more events lined up throughout this year. Check out the Meetup page to find the next one and get plugged in to this award-winning community!


  1. Pam says

    Congratulations to the team!

    • Christine F says

      They did a great job! They’re at ETHatlanta this weekend 🙂

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