Blockchain901 proudly announces it’s newest strategic partnership with industry leader, Engineered Fluids; pioneers in the arena of Single-phase Liquid Immersion Coolants (SLIC) for full immersion of electronics!

What is a Single-Phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling?

SLIC is a simple, efficient, and inexpensive method of cooling electrical components, devices, and sub-systems by fully immersing the device directly into a single-phase dielectric heat transfer fluid that is either passively circulated by the natural convection of the heated coolant or actively circulated by pumping the dielectric coolant in, through and around the electrical device being cooled, and then transferring the heat absorbed by the coolant to a heat rejection device such as a radiator, dry cooler, liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger, or cooling tower.


A single-phase coolant does not boil or undergo a phase change at anytime during the cooling process.  This completely eliminates all pressure, fumes, vapors, and corrosion due to micro-cavitation created by a coolant’s state transition from liquid to gas.


The coolants used in SLIC solutions are Newtonian fluids that are circulated within the system at very low pressure and low flow rates using inexpensive, off-the-shelf hoses, pipes, pumps, and cooled with standard radiators, dry coolers, or heat exchangers.


Direct immersion of electronics in a non-electrically conductive (dielectric) engineered coolant such that no protective cover, enclosure, coatings, or other means of insulation is required to be applied to the electrical circuits, chips, or device.


The removal of thermal energy from a device through absorption into a high capacity dielectric coolant for transmission to a heat rejection device or heat reuse appliance through the circulation of the coolant without the use of compressors or phase change.

At Engineered Fluids, we specialize in the development and manufacture of the world’s best Single-Phase Dielectric Fluids for use in Full Immersion Cooling of electronics.– Dr. David W. Sundin Founder & Chief Scientist

Liquid Immersion Cooling with Dielectric Coolants

Liquid immersion cooling is the processing of removing the waste heat generated by operating electronics, batteries, and electric motors by fully submerging them in a dielectric fluid. Sounds a bit scary right?

In fact, you are surrounded by submerged electronics all the time! The power transformers you see on telephone pole, or next to a building are all filled with a dielectric fluid and cooled by immersing their windings and cores in a dielectric coolant. This form of cooling has been used for over 100 years in the power transformer industry. Liquid immersion cooling is by far one of simplest and certainly most effective means of removing and managing heat in electronics.

The key to this approach is to use a dielectric coolant that has been formulated specifically for use with electronics and is optimized for several key properties:

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